Saturday, October 16, 2010

MenVs Men - Conversations with my Alterego

Well, we all have views about various issues. Not necessarily for, sometimes against, many times both for & against..!

I have had strong views about this gender bias right from childhood. But as i grew older and more particularly, got married and actually got to know a man, my views have been fluctuating wildly.

I m sure many of you will identify with both me & my alter..!

ME: I wish i were a man..Gosh..Thats what LindaGoodman (Sunsigns) says about me too..!!

ALTER: Typical Scorpio!! Now, shouldnt you be grateful you were born a woman...??? A WOMAN..!!!WOW..!!!!!

ME: Grrrrr...!Look at them Men..! What do they do to deserve that Godly status they have in society..? I HATE MEN..!

ALTER: No, You dont hate them, you are jealous..!!

ME: Alright, okay. Coming to the point, dont you think women these days do more work than men? They run the family, they bring in the moolah, do all the dirty work at home, run errands, drop the kids at school, cook, clean..blah..blah..blah..???? Men gave themselves the pedestal simply because they were the sole bread-winners of the family in those days, didnt they ? so why hasnt the equation changed now. ?

ALTER: Its not as simple as that, dear..! The equation is not as biased as it was before. Grandmom & mom didnt have the freedom that we have now. Does that make you feel better ?

ME: What &*$$ freedom do i have ? Can i walk down the street at 11pm, alone? The dogs bark & chase, but i m not scared of those poor canines as i m of the hidden human monsters i m sure are waiting for a hapless female victim..

ALTER: There you go again..!!! Drama-queen..! Not all men are out there to grab women..those guys you saw on the street late-night, were there probably becos their wife threw them out after a fight..or just out to have a secret smoke...!!!!

ME: Oh Yeah..?? And whats that you get to read in the papers everyday ? Rapes, murders, frauds...Arent they all crimes committed my MEN..??? And the victims are all WOMEN, directly or indirectly..!!!

ALTER: They are wired differently Girl, criminals are not classified as male or female, it should be human & inhuman-barbaric..Why, didnt we read about that female who brutally killed an innocent child of her lover ?

ME: Thats a stray incident.! Dont even talk about it So, this is the only justification you give to the atrocities committed by men? - that some women also do the same ??

ALTER: You are in a male-bashing mood...I will give you my answers in a while..just you wait..!

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  1. Very well written..Its always a mixed bag...but yes, there is this part of the society which is yet to see light at the end of the tunnel...
    But weighing the other side- Men are changing..definitely "most of " the husbands today are not takg the footsteps of their fathers :-)
    Happy male bashg !! :-))